Prayer for those Grieving

God of love and mercy,
embrace all those whose hearts today
over flow with grief,
unanswered questions,
and are feeling such a sense of loss.
Grant them space
to express their tears
and hold them close
through the coming days.

Prayer of Thanks

we thank you for all the good things
you bestow on us,
for creation and
the beauty which surrounds us,
for our families
and our friends,
for all who have shaped our lives
and led us to you.

Prayer for Strength and Peace

Dear Lord,
You are the light that guides my feet.
You are the map that gives me direction.
You are the peace that makes me strong.
You are the leader whom I faithfully follow.


May your light illuminate my life
and your guidance bring direction.
May I find inspiration in your word
and peace in my heart as I follow you.