View from the Vicarage

View from the Vicarage: September 2022

This month starts with a joint service of our two St. Cuthbert’s congregations meeting together in Beltingham on Sunday 4th September at 11am. With the sound and smell of the trees and surrounding countryside there it can all seem quite romantic to some, and I’ve met people in Beltingham who have travelled many miles just to see our ancient yew. It always seems very peaceful there, but the yew tree has seen both good and troubled times to be sure! The Bowes-Lyon link might be fresh in our minds but there have been some famous Ridleys and other grand folk associated with this church and I am grateful for all those who have contributed to its care over the years.

It takes a lot to care for a church and to nurture the people that worship there. Just as the changing seasons help create and maintain the huge variety in nature around us, so the timetable of significant Autumn events, Harvest, Remembrance, and Advent, nurture those who participate with thankfulness for God’s provision, comfort in times of loss, and hope for the future. I hope you will come, and that you, like the trees, will grow in the presence of God. For some that will be active growing, for others of more established faith it will be regularly showing leaves in due season.

I mentioned the smell of the trees and countryside in Beltingham and wonder what would make a church smell welcoming and people I’ve talked to about it come up with different answers – incense, musty books, flowers, coffee. We’ve got a warm welcome, waiting for you every week …. Haltwhistle 9.30am, and Henshaw and Greenhead 11am. (Except on the 4th September when it’s Beltingham!)