A photo showing the stained glass windows at Holy Cross.The stained East Window was the gift of the Rev Dixon Dixon-Brown of Unthank Hall in memory of Dixon Dixon Esq. The beautiful triplet of lancets with richly moulded trefoil inner arches and delicate shafts is 15th century work. The excellent glass is by Burne Jones, who was greatly influenced by William Morris, and was one of the Pre-Raphaelites. Burne Jones was a frequent visitor to Naworth Castle and his work can be seen at St Martin’s Church, Brampton and at Lanercost Priory. It is alleged that the window was designed for a church in the South: how or why it came to Haltwhistle is a mystery. There is an illustration nearby showing details of the work.

In the upper part of the window the central figure is the crucified Christ. On the left is the Blessed Virgin Mary, and above her the cup of the Last Supper. On the right is Saint John, and above him the whip of Christ’s scourging. The cross is unusual in that it is coloured green, signifying re-birth.

In the lower part of the window there are three pictures, two of which are examples of what is called typological interpretation of the Old Testament:

On the left, Isaac, the only son of his father Abraham, is seen as a type of Christ preparing for his own sacrificial death.

In the centre Moses is seen bidding the serpent-ridden people of Israel to gaze upon the brazen serpent in order to be healed. This represents men looking to the Crucified One to be saved from the death of sin in the wilderness of this world.

On the right is Christ carrying his cross up to Calvary.

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