ridley memorial stone thumb 400Passing through the Rood Screen, you will see the Ridley Memorial Stone standing upright against the south wall. It used to stand on two dwarf pillars in the middle of the chancel.

It commemorates John Ridley, Lord of the Walltown, who died in 1562. John Ridley was the brother-in-law of the protestant martyr Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, who with Archbishop Cranmer and Bishop Latimer, was burnt at the stake in Oxford in 1555 by order of Mary Tudor.

Transcribed, the stone reads:

John Ridley, that sometime did be then Lord of the Walltown

Gone is he out of this vale of misery:

His bones lie under this stone:

We must believe by God’s mercy:

Into this world gave His Son:

Then for to redeem all Christians:

So Christ has his soul won:

All faithful people may be glad:

When death comes that none can flee:

The body which the soul kept in pain:

Through Christ is set at liberty Among blessed company to remain:

To sleep in Christ now is he gone:

Yet still believes to have again:

Through Christ a joyful resurrection:

All friends may be glad to hear:

When his soul from pain did go:

Out of this world as doth appear:

In the year of our Lord